Monday, December 28, 2009

Been MIA for way too long!

I have been MIA for way too long. I say MIA because I have definitely. I been busy creating just not selling. I have been sewing, cooking, painting, doing needlepoint, crochet, and embroidery.

I recently rediscovered sewing. I can't explain the rush I get when I go to a fabric store. It's almost like a drug. The smell of the fabric, the textures, the patterns and yes the sales! There is just something addicting about finding the perfect fabric for that new pattern (or concept in my head) and actually executing it. The rush of sitting behind the sewing machine and feeling it stitch each little stitch. The knowledge that a little bit of me is going into each piece I create.

I have been on a fleece kick lately. I have been working on lined dresses, longies/pants, mittens and hats. I will post pics soon.

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